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The person I like doesn't even know me I think , I like her, she's everything is look for in a girl. I've never felt so attached to a human being before like that. I think about her everyday, she's so beautiful , it makes me think how someone like that would end up with me , I dream about the possibilities and the future but I don't get my hopes up. I love her but I wish she knew , I wish she knew how madly in love I am... Maybe some day she'll know.

The best thing to do is just tell her and explain why you love her.. I hope it works out!

You’re lucky if you got the person you want




you can tack on “and dragons” after any title and it’ll be 900% better

Dungeons & Dragons and Dragons

that’s TWICE the dragons, you literally cannot go wrong with this

The purge & dragons


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All you need in life, really

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