Anonymous asked:
Do people ever talk to you off anon? Or if someone would write you off anon would you have a real conversation with that person?

Yeah, all the time

Anonymous asked:
You are so cute, xoxo want to cuddle with you soooo bad.


Anonymous asked:
girls who smoke weed?

Love em

youvecapturedmyattention asked:
i find it extremely hard to believe that you're single. I'm just saying i mean really i just don't see it.

Well it’s the truth

Anonymous asked:
i really like you. i don't know why. we've never talked. i've never seen you in real life. i barely know what you look like but i've been following your blog for what seems like years. you're an amazing person. you have an amazing personality that can brighten someones day and bring a smile to their face. you're so beautiful and i hope you know this. you deserve everything amazing that get's thrown your way, and everything that's shit, well it's there for a reason too. keep your head up. xx

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I scrolled down hoping for an explanation and there was none.


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This picture says so much with nothing being said at all..


i actually feed on intelligence

i love it when people know a lot about a lot of things

about music, films, religion, beliefs, history

i love listening to peoples opinions 

i love big words

i want to suck in all these smart things like a sponge



this makes me want to cry

I wonder what he was thinking when it was falling down


i don’t understand why some people want the power to freeze things or fly or be invisible

dude imagine if you could stop time

like you could literally just stop time for a year and just do nothing or write a book

or you could stop time at night and literally have a full night’s worth of sleep in less than a second

you’d have so much time to do whatever you want

I’d rather freeze everything and be invisible while flying


when you need to cough in an exam but you’ve already coughed like twice so you just sit there suffocating

I’ve done this so many times